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Your journey to hope and
a new mindset begins here.

Journey towards wholeness.

Our most important endeavor in this life is to discover our original design and then connect the dots towards our life’s purpose. This requires a lot of courage but the amount of freedom gained is in itself a priceless reward.

My Story

In 2015 I felt a prompting to write down all the wisdom I have gained the past 8 years in my counselling practice. It took nine months to materialize and in retrospect I realise I “gave birth” to my life story.

It has been an exhilarating experience to witness how these broad healing concepts have impacted people’s lives. Of course, every case is so unique, and the model can aid as a diagnostic tool to plot where you are currently feeling stuck. One of my favourite quotes on healing is by WP Young: “Because of our uniqueness and the intricacy of who we are, and the unique way we have been damaged, each person’s path to healing is so unique”.

Since then I haven’t looked back and I’m so grateful that I now get to share my knowledge and experience with more people, touching more people’s lives than before. I’d love to share with you a few of my own personal beacons along this life journey so that you can get to know me a little better.


Areas of Focus


We mourn the losses, grieve the betrayals and write off the debts.


Slowly but surely Overcoming Fear – we unpack vulnerability and shame in order to get to connection.


We teach you how to master your thought life in order to thrive.


Take a journey

Discover your value, make peace with your past, learn to love yourself and others, and face the future with hope and confidence.
Need a change of heart?

Your journey to hope, healing and a new mindset begins here. Inge Joubert is a professional Counselor, Speaker and Industrial Psychologist, who will guide you along the way with kindness, understanding and real-life wisdom.

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